Maps of SPRUCE Plot and Enclosure Features

Tree, Equipment, Measurement, and Sampling Positions in SPRUCE Plots and Enclosures

Latest Version:  2 June 2017

Important Information:

  • Be advised that equipment and measurement locations may have recently been installed but have not been added to the maps. 

  • Project participants should neither add measurement systems nor do destructive harvesting from the Plots and Enclosures without discussion with Project Management and the SPRUCE Team.

  • Contact Project Management through the CONTACT tab on this website for any recent updates and if you have any questions or concerns.

Open the Plot Maps in a new tab.   (PLot Maps 2Sep2016.pdf)


You may also be interested in the S1 Bog and SPRUCE Experiment Location Survey Results, 2015.

Open the User's Guide. Contains a nice aerial view of plots and chambers.

This data set provides a record of the horizontal and vertical survey results of SPRUCE experimental infrastructure and measurement locations on the S1-Bog and the SPRUCE experimental site within the S1-Bog.

Survey Data for Public Download.