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SPRUCE Deep Peat Heating (DPH) Peat Water Content and Temperature for Experimental Plot Cores, June 2014 through June 2015


This data set provides the peat water content and peat temperature at time of sampling for peat cores collected before and during the SPRUCE Deep Peat Heating (DPH) study. Cores were collected during three sampling events: 03 June 2014, 09 September 2014, and 16 June 2015.

Two cores were extracted from hollow locations in each of the 10 experimental plots (4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19, and 20). The five ambient plots (5, 7, 14, and 21) were not included in the DPH sampling efforts. See Table 1. Cores were partitioned into samples at 11 depth increments: 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-75, 75-100, 100-125, 125-150, 150-175, and 175-200 cm below surface of the hollow.

The DPH study was undertaken to evaluate possible rapid responses of deep peat carbon (C) stocks, microbial communities, and biogeochemical cycling processes to unprecedented temperatures. In June 2014, deep soil heating was initiated at 5 warming levels (+0, +2.25, +4.5, +6.75 and +9 °C) with 2 replicate plots per level. Warming levels at depth were achieved over a 25 (+ 2.25 °C) to 60-day (+9 °C) period depending on the target treatment temperatures.

Data file: There is one comma-separated (*.csv) file with peat core water content and temperature at time of sampling, plus the amount of dried archived material retained after analyses.

User Note: In this third release, four variables related to extrapolations of peat core temperature were removed. See the Data Set History table for additional details.


Kluber, Laurel A., Jana R. Phillips, Paul J. Hanson, Christopher W. Schadt. 2016. SPRUCE Deep Peat Heating (DPH) Peat Water Content and Temperature for Experimental Plot Cores, June 2014 through June 2015. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.




Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SPRUCE ID: spruce.029


SPRUCE experimental plot layout with temperature sensor positions. DPH sampling cores were taken in the B zone and correspond with the B series temperature probes.

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