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Site Access

Site Access Process

To schedule field or laboratory work at SPRUCE facilities in Grand Rapids, MN, all SPRUCE Team members and Collaborators must complete the following steps before EACH campaign.

  • If you are the event organizer, please complete all Steps 1-4.
  • If you will be an event participant only, please complete just Step 1.
  1. Complete the following required reading and submit the Acknowledgement Form

    • Facilities Orientation

      • Document
        16 November, 2023

        Contains site-specific information including: SPRUCE Staff Contacts, Facility Access Information, Shipping Addresses, WiFi Connections, and Emergency Contacts.

    • Spruce Research Safety Summary

      • Document
        16 November 2023

        The embedded links in the RSS document and the Forest Service JHAs are unavailable outside of the ORNL RHACS system and are provided as additional reading files below.

      • Questions about accessing the RSS and attachments, please use the Contact link.

    Acknowledge completion of Required Reading.

    Please click this button to submit your acknowledgement.


    Required Reading Acknowledgement

  2. Add Your Proposed Event to the SPRUCE Events Calendar

    • Calendar is "view only"
    • Email proposed dates to Operations Manager:
    • If approved, Operations Manager will add dates to the calendar.
    • Return to Site Access to see if your dates have been added correctly and if there is any overlap with other groups.

  3. Complete and Submit SPRUCE Work Plan Description Form

    Enter details about your proposed Work Plan, including: Name: Email: Phone: Institution: Desired Dates of Access (102Grand): Desired Dates of Access (SPRUCE): Group participants: Field plan/procedures and known (SPRUCE) resources needed. The more detailed your plan the better we will be able to evaluate. SPRUCE Operation Staff will contact you soon.

    Create Work Plan

  4. SPRUCE Operations Staff will verify completion of required reading, review proposed work schedule, and contact you with approval or to discuss any potential conflicts

Check for Updates

The Project Safety and Orientation and Research Safety Summary are subject to frequent changes, given that new requirements may be issued by responsible institutions at any time. It is your responsibility to check this page for updates and read all SPRUCE Project communications.

SPRUCE Project Contact Information

Need more information? Send SPRUCE Staff a question at the Contact link.

Additional Images

CO2 Alarm Signage Inside Enclosure
CO2 Alarm Signage Outside Enclosure
RHACS Attachment Kneeler Photo 1
RHACS Attachment Kneeler Photo 2
RHACS Attachment SPRUCE Enclosure Platform

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