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SPRUCE Site Virtual Tour (YouTube 21:30) – Produced By Kyle Pearson/ORNL SPRUCE Staff
Peatlands could become a climate feedback loop we definitely don’t want to trigger (Alexandria Herr in grist)
Болотоведы за четыре года нагрели болото и превратили его в источник парниковых газов. Russian science portal N+1 on AGU Advances paper.
Eos Editors' Highlights -- Soil Carbon May Not Remain Bogged Down in a Warmer World. A synopsis of Hanson et al. 2020 in AGU Advances.
Marcell Experimental Forest. A futuristic climate change study is nestled deep within this public land. (Posted on Atlas Obscura by Emily Sue)
Special Report: Rising Concerns (TV story on SPRUCE, ABC Duluth)
First-of-its-kind climate change experiment (SPRUCE story on KARE11 News)
#SoothingScience: Feeling bogged down? Then take a relaxing look at the SPRUCE experiment in Minnesota.
Getting Fire From A Tree Without Burning The Wood -- Joe's Big Idea on NPR
Glass domes help forecast the fate of Canada's boreal forests (CBC News · Sep 03, 2018)
Reaching into danger -- Highlighting Richardson et al., 2018 (Nature Climate Change 8, 764 (2018))
Peatlands hold carbon even in warming envirnment (ORNL Review, Vol. 51, No. 1, 2018)
Hotter temperatures extend growing season for peatland plants (EurekAlert!)
Discovering Minnesota’s SPRUCE Project (Aitkin Independent Age/Outdoors, August 5, 2018)
You might enjoy this SPRUCE video on Twitter….based on images and film taken over the past years.
You might enjoy this SPRUCE video on Facebook….based on images and film taken over the past years. Please share.
SPRUCE Project Visit -- blog post by Kevin Curtis, June 13, 2018
Depth matters in peat bog nutrient cycling (Eos, 99, 31 May 2018)
Seeing the Future -- Researchers experiment with climate change in a northern peatland. (Minnesota Conservation Volunteer)
OUR CHANGING PLANET -- The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2017. SPRUCE highlighted on Page 9.
UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon
Indonesian TV Documentary - SPRUCE starts 3:08 (Komitmen dan Usaha dalam Menjaga Suhu Bumi - Kompas TV (26/09/16))
Minnesota bogs offer ecosystem lessons for researchers (Scenic Range NewsForum)
Shaking a Sleeping Bog Monster -- Ben Brumfield,science writer for Georgia Tech, describes SPRUCE Experiment
SPRUCE implementation of VISTA DATA VISION and Jeff Riggs, ORNL Instrumentation Specialist, featured on VDV website.
Postcards from the Field -- in EOS 97(8):32
Minnesota bog study turns up the heat on peat, Alexandra Witze at
AGU -- postcards from the field, SPRUCE, Dec 30th, 2015
A Minnesota bog could shape climate change predictions ( 3:32 p.m. CST November 16, 2015)
If a peat bog emits CO2 in the forest, and no one’s around to measure it... there’s still CO2 being emitted (Grand Rapids Herald-Review)
What's brown and soggy and could save the world? Colleen Iversen interviewed by Rachel Gross, 20 September 2013, NewScientist (
Northeastern Minnesota Experiment to Study Effects of Climate Change (Duluth NBC TV -- Northland's NewsCenter Interview, October 2012)
Andrew Richardson Phenology Discussion on KAXE, February 3, 2015. Download *.mp3 file. (KAXE Radio)
Paul J. Hanson and John Latimer, DOE BER SPRUCE Project, with Scott Hall, The Morning Show (Full 60 minute version as *.mp3), August 5, 2014 (KAXE Radio)
Paul J. Hanson and John Latimer, DOE BER SPRUCE Project, with Scott Hall, The Morning Show (Interview only as *.wav), August 5, 2014 (KAXE Radio)
DOE event marks beginning of landmark ecosystem experiment (ORNL Today)