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Research Summaries

Collaborators' Research Summaries

  1. The response of soil carbon storage and microbially mediated carbon turnover to simulated climatic disturbance in a northern peatland forest: revisiting the concept of soil organic matter recalcitrance. Principal Investigators: Joel E. Kostka, Georgia Institute of Technology & Jeff Chanton, Florida State University (2012-2013)

  2. Understanding the mechanisms underlying heterotrophic CO2 and CH4 fluxes in a peatland with deep soil warming and atmospheric CO2 enrichment.Principal Investigators: Scott D. Bridgham, University of Oregon & Jason Keller, Chapman University (2015 renewal final)

  3. Mercury and sulfur dynamics in the spruce experiment. Principal Investigators: Brandy Toner and Ed Nater, University of Minnesota & Randy Kolka and Steve Sebestyen, USDA Forest Service MN (2103 to present)

  4. Improving models to predict phenological responses to global change. Principal Investigator: Andrew D. Richardson, Harvard University (2013 to present)

  5. Lichen community responses to warming. Principal Investigators: Bruce McCune, Oregon State University, Sarah Jovan, USDA Forest Service OR (2013 to present)

  6. Fungal, bacterial, and archaeal communities mediating C cycling and trace gas flux in peatland ecosystems subject to climate change. Principal Investigator: Erik Lilleskov, USDA Forest Service with Joint Genome Institute Support (2013 to present)

  7. Toward a predictive understanding of the response of belowground microbial carbon turnover to climate change drivers in a boreal peatland. Principal Investigators: Joel E. Kostka Georgia Institute of Technology & Jeffrey P. Chanton, William T. Cooper Florida State University (2014 to present)

  8. Can microbial ecology inform ecosystem level c-n cycling response to climate change? Principal Investigators: Kirsten Hofmockel, Iowa State University & Erik Hobbie, University of New Hampshire (2014 to present)

  9. Peatland Mercury Cycling in a Changing Climate: A Large-Scale Field Manipulation Study. Principal Investigator: Carl Mitchell, University of Toronto - Scarborough (2014-present)

  10. Functioning of wetlands as a source of atmospheric methane: a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach. Principal Investigator: Karis McFarlane and Xavier Mayali, Mike Singleton, Ate Visser, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Brad Esser, Tom Guilderson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2014-present)

  11. Soil fauna biodiversity sampling at SPRUCE. Principal Investigator: Zoë Lindo University of Western Ontario. (starting in 2015)

  12. Monitoring warming and elevated CO2 induced changes in photosynthetic efficiency via canopy spectral reflectance. Principal Investigators: Michael J. Falkowski University of Minnesota, Evan Kane Michigan Technological University, Brian Benscoter Florida Atlantic University, & Randy Kolka US Forest Service. (Starting in 2015)

  13. Wood decomposition rates and functional types in a shifting climate. Principal Investigators: Jonathan Schilling and Jason Oliver, University of Minnesota, Randy Kolka, United States Forest Service (starting in 2015)

  14. Microbial growth and carbon and nutrient use partitioning under peatland warming and elevated CO2. Principal Investigators: Jessica Gutknecht, University of Minnesota (2014-present using startup funds, with an intention to receive extramural funding soon)

  15. Mechanistic modeling of methane cycle at SPRUCE. Principal Investigator: Xiaofeng Xu, San Diego State University. (2014-present)

  16. Deep C: Deep soil carbon cycling in a warming world – the molecular marker perspective. Principal Investigators: Michael W.I. Schmidt and Guido L.B. Wiesenberg, University of Zurich, Switzerland (2017-2020)

  17. Mast seeding patterns in response to climate change. Principal Investigator: Jalene M. LaMontagne, DePaul University, (2017-present)

  18. Measuring the surface-atmosphere exchange budgets of CO2 and CH4 from peatlands using micro-meteorological flux measurements. Principal Investigator: M. Julian Deventer, University of Minnesota. (2017-present)

  19. Nitrogen fixation and its coupling to methane dynamics in the peat moss (Sphagnum) phytobiome of northern peatlands. Principal Investigator: Joel Kostka, Georgia Institute of Technology. (2018-present)

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