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SPRUCE Ground Observations of Phenology in Experimental Plots, 2022


This data set consists of one comma separated (*.csv) file containing phenological transition dates, as derived from direct observations of vegetative and reproductive phenology recorded by a human observer, from the SPRUCE experiment during 2022 (2022-03-28 to 2021-11-17), the seventh full year of whole-ecosystem warming (Hanson et al. 2017). Both spring and autumn phenological events are included.

Since April 2016, human observers have been directly tracking the phenology of both woody and herbaceous species on a weekly schedule within the SPRUCE experimental chambers, these data are reported in annual ground observations data sets (see Related Data Sets). The observed date reported here is the first survey date in 2022 on which an event/phenophase was definitively observed.

This data set also contains a companion file in HTML (*.html) containing figures showing the relationship between the day of year and temperature treatment for different phenological phases by species for 2022.

User note: See user guide for a list additional datasets reporting on ground phenology from previous years.


Richardson, A.D., K. J. Pearson, C. Schädel, J. Blais, J.M. Warren, and P. J. Hanson. 2023. SPRUCE Ground Observations of Phenology in Experimental Plots, 2022. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TES SFA, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.


Data and Documentation




Monday, August 28, 2023

SPRUCE ID: spruce.107


Observations of phenology in SPRUCE experimental plots

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