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SPRUCE Porewater Chemistry Data for Experimental Plots, Beginning in 2013, Version 4


This data set includes the chemistry of porewater in the SPRUCE experiment plots located in the S1 bog of the USDA Forest Service Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF) in northern Minnesota, 40 km north of Grand Rapids. Data are presented from June 2013 through September 2020 (2013-06-28 to 2020-09-28). 

These data are the pre- and post-treatment data from the warming and elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) treatments associated with the SPRUCE experiment. There are 10 experimental plots in SPRUCE: 5 temperature treatments (+0, +2.25, +4.5, +6.75, +9°C) at ambient CO2, and the same 5 temperature treatments at elevated CO2 (+500 ppm). There are 7 additional ambient plots without experimental enclosures, and thus a total of 17 plots.

Water samples were analyzed for pH, specific conductivity, nutrient concentrations (ammonium, nitrate, soluble reactive phosphorus, total nitrogen, total phosphorus), cation concentrations (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, aluminum, iron, manganese, silicon, strontium), anion concentrations (chloride, sulfate), and TOC concentrations. Subsets of the samples were analyzed for natural-abundance stable isotopes of water (δ18O-H2O and δD-H2O) and THg and MeHg concentrations.

User note: Results will be added to this data set and released to the public periodically as quality assurance and publication of results are accomplished. This June 2024 release (Version 4) is an updated and expanded version that supersedes and replaces the previous release. See the Data Release History table below for additional release notes.


Griffiths, N. A., S.D. Sebestyen, K.C. Oleheiser, J.M. Stelling, C.E. Pierce, E.A. Nater, B.M. Toner, & R.K. Kolka. 2016. SPRUCE Porewater Chemistry Data for Experimental Plots, Beginning in 2013, Version 4. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TES SFA, US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.




Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SPRUCE ID: spruce.028


Porewater samples were collected from a nest of 6 piezometers that were installed in a hollow in each of the SPRUCE plots.

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