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SPRUCE Vegetation Phenology in Experimental Plots from Phenocam Imagery, 2015-2018


This dataset consists of PhenoCam data from the SPRUCE experiment from the beginning of whole ecosystem warming (Hanson et al. 2017) in August 2015 through March-31 of 2019, with start- and end-of-season phenological transition dates derived through the end of autumn 2018.

Digital cameras, or phenocams, installed in each SPRUCE enclosure track seasonal variation in vegetation “greenness”, a proxy for vegetation phenology and associated physiological activity. Three separate regions of interest (ROIs) were defined for each camera field of view, corresponding to different vegetation types and demarcating: Picea trees (vegetation type EN, for evergreen needleleaf); Larix trees (vegetation type DN, for deciduous needleleaf); and the mixed shrub layer (vegetation type SH).

User note: This data set is superseded by a newer version. See SPRUCE Vegetation Phenology in Experimental Plots from Phenocam Imagery, 2015-2021 for the most recent version. 

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Schädel, C., A.D. Richardson, K. Hufkens, T. Milliman, B. Seyednasrollah, W.R. Nettles, M.B. Krassovski, and P.J. Hanson. 2019. SPRUCE Vegetation Phenology in Experimental Plots from Phenocam Imagery, 2015-2018. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TES SFA, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A.




Tuesday, August 13, 2019

SPRUCE ID: spruce.071


Phenocam image with ROIs for Picea, Larix, and Shrub vegetation types depicted.

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