SPRUCE Peat Mercury, Methylmercury, and Sulfur Concentrations from Experimental Plot Cores, beginning in 2014

This data set reports the results of physical and chemical analyses of peat core samples from the SPRUCE experimental study plots located in the S1-Bog in northern Minnesota, 40 km north of Grand Rapids in the USDA Forest Service Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF). Sample collection and analyses started in June of 2014 and will continue for the duration of the experiment. There are 10 experimental plots in SPRUCE: 5 temperature treatments (+0, +2.25, +4.5, +6.75, +9°C) at ambient CO2, and the same 5 temperature treatments at elevated CO2 (+500 ppm). There are an additional two plots without experimental enclosures, and thus a total of 12 plots. Core samples are collected annually from all 12 plots to a depth of 200cm in 10cm and 25cm increments. Samples are analyzed for total mercury concentration, methylmercury concentration, percent carbon, percent nitrogen, and percent sulfur.


C.E. Pierce, S. Psarska, J. Brozowski, S. D. Sebestyen, R. K. Kolka, J.L.M. Gutknecht, E. A. Nater, B. M. Toner. 2019. SPRUCE Peat Mercury, Methylmercury and Sulfur Concentrations from Experimental Plot Cores, Beginning in 2014. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TES SFA, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. https://doi.org/10.25581/spruce.074/1579555

Mercury sampes were colllected into special containers and placed under a nitrogen atmosphere.