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PhenoCam Network



We initiated the PhenoCam network in order to provide automated, near-surface remote sensing of canopy phenology across the Northern Forest region of New England, upstate New York, and adjacent Canada. We began by installing high-resolution digital cameras ("webcams") at more than a dozen established research sites distributed throughout this region. Images from these cameras are uploaded to the PhenoCam web page every half hour. In a recent publication (Richardson et al. 2007), we demonstrated how image analysis of archived webcam images could provides an objective means by which canopy phenology can be monitored and quantified, at relatively low cost and with minimal personnel expenses, without the need for a human observer. With the collaboration of researchers and land managers from an array of research institutions and federal agencies, this project has been expanded to a continent-wide monitoring effort.


Three camera sites in MN.


PhenoCam Network
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