Maps of SPRUCE Plot and Enclosure Features

Tree, Equipment, Measurement, and Sampling Positions in SPRUCE Plots and Enclosures

Latest Version:  17 August 2018

Important Information:

  • Be advised that equipment and measurement locations may have recently been installed but have not been added to the maps. 

  • Project participants should neither add measurement systems nor do destructive harvesting from the Plots and Enclosures without discussion with Project Management and the SPRUCE Team.

  • Contact Project Management through the CONTACT tab on this website for any recent updates and if you have any questions or concerns.

You may also be interested in the S1 Bog and SPRUCE Experiment Location Survey Results, 2015.

Open the User's Guide. Contains a nice aerial view of plots and chambers.

This data set provides a record of the horizontal and vertical survey results of SPRUCE experimental infrastructure and measurement locations on the S1-Bog and the SPRUCE experimental site within the S1-Bog.

Survey Data for Public Download.