SPRUCE Safety -- Required Reading

SPRUCE Research Safety Summary -- Required Reading

The Research Safety Summary (RSS) and attachments are required reading for all SPRUCE Participants who will be undertaking field or laboratory work at the SPRUCE facilities.

  1. Participants must complete the required reading and submit the Acknowledgement Form (below) before they can begin work.
  2. SPRUCE Operations Staff will verify completion of this requirement.
  3. Casual visitors (non-participants) are not required to read the RSS.

The most recent RSS was downloaded from ORNL Research Hazard Analysis and Control System (RHACS) on July 27, 2017. Updated December 15, 2017.

This copy is provided below for the convenience of non-ORNL collaborating participants. Please note:

  1. The embedded links in the RSS document are unavailable outside of the ORNL RHACS system.
  2. Forest Service JHAs (ORNL annotated) and additional SPRUCE attachments to the RSS are provided as separate files below.
  3. Non-ORNL collaborators must read these documents and submit the Acknowledgement Form to meet the SPRUCE required reading requirement.
  4. A hardcopy RSS document is also maintained at the SPRUCE Office in Grand Rapids.
  5. If you have any questions about accessing the RSS and attachments, please use the CONTACT US link.

SPRUCE Research Safety Summary

Current Research Safety Summary -- December 15, 2017

Forest Service Job Hazards Analyses (JHAs) Attachments (ORNL annotated)








Soil_Sampling_RHACS_Attachment (June 2014)



Work-Aid for Use of Articulated Ladders in Enclosures at the SPRUCE Site (June 2015)

Work-Aid for Extension Ladder Use Within SPRUCE Enclosures at the SPRUCE Site (July 2015)

RHACS_Attachment_Kneeler_Photo_1.jpg (August 2016)

RHACS_Attachment_Kneeler_Photo_2.jpg (August 2016)

RHACS_Attachment_SPRUCE_Enclosure_Platform_Photo.jpg (August 2016)

SPRUCE Propane Shutoff Procedure (updated 06-2016)

Driving Directions-- S1 Bog to Grand Rapids Hospital

CO2 Alarm Signage- Outside Enclosure

CO2 Alarm Signage- Inside Enclosure

SPRUCE Facilities Orientation

This document provides site-specific information for visitors and users of the SPRUCE research facilities.

Facilities Orientation and Access Information -- Required Reading

The Following are Optional for Collaborators

Work-Aid for Use of the Picarro Instrument at the SPRUCE Site (June 2014)

Li-7500_Calibration_procedure (June 2015)

Pre-Job Safety Briefing Checklist (March 2015)

Nitrogen release worst case scenario 102Grand


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